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Quick and easy installation
Simple four-wire connection. Every Yellow Box includes a splice wiring harness.
A custom made YB plug-n-play wiring harness is an optional extra.

Simple, intuitive speedometer recalibration
1. Determine your vehicle's total speedometer error.
2. Set the Yellow Box switches to correct your total speedo error.
3. Fine tune or adjust your speedo correction at anytime with ease.

It's that simple!

Yellow Box v5 Instructions
Using the Yellow Box v5
Yellow Box v5_ Instructions.pdf   
Installing the Yellow Box v5
Yellow Box v5_General Splice Installation.pdf   
Calibrating the Yellow Box v5
Yellow Box v5_Setting Speedo Correction.pdf   
Yellow Box v5 Harness wire colours
Yellow Box v5 wire colours.JPG   
Yellow Box v5 "2-wire" Install Diagram
Yellow Box v5_Wiring Diagrams - 2-wire.PNG   

Yellow Box v4 Instructions
Using the Yellow Box v4
yb4_using.pdf    (194kb)
Installing the Yellow Box v4
yb4_insta.pdf    (356kb)
Calibrating the Yellow Box v4
yb4_calib.pdf    (265kb)
Correction Ratio Table v4
yb4_table.pdf    (83kb)

  Yellow Box v3 Instructions
                  (Previous model sold prior to March 2008)
Using the Yellow Box v3
yb3_using.doc    (101kb)
Installing the Yellow Box v3
yb3_insta.doc    (522kb)
Calibrating the Yellow Box v3
yb3_calib.doc    (265kb)
Correction Ratio Table v3
yb3_table.pdf    (105kb)

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