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Frequently Asked Questions

Plug-n-play Yellow Box for my bike?
We stock plug-n-play harness for most motorcycle models; Honda, Suzuki,
Yamaha, Kawasaki, MV Augusta, Triumph. Plug-n-play harness for my bike.
Custom harness for Harley Davidson models may take 1-4 weeks.

Is the Yellow Box compatible with my car/truck/bike?
We make versions of the Yellow Box to suit almost every bike and car
that has an electrical speed sensor. Mechanical, bowden cable-driven
speedos (rotary cable) will not work with the Yellow Box. Compatible?

I changed sprockets on my bike, now my speedo reads incorrect.
This is a common application, the Yellow Box will fix it.

I changed diff ratios/wheels on my car/truck, now my speedo is out.
Also a common application for which the Yellow Box will correct.

How do I determine my vehicle's total speedometer error?
By measurement or theoretical calculation. Both these methods are
explained, with examples, in the Calibrating the Yellow Box instructions.

How do I install the Yellow Box?
Installation is very easy with a plug-n-play option or simple 4 wire splice
connection. Most people do the installation themselves, get instructions.

I changed my Hayabusa faceplate (dial) from 180mph to 220mph.
A faceplate change adds a 13% speedo error to the speedo. The YB
corrects for the faceplate speedo error. Another option is to install a
YB to de-restrict or adjust the top speed limiting on Hayabusas for racing.

Will the Yellow Box remove speed limiting on my Kawasaki ZX-12?
Yes. The speed limiting on the ZX-12 is based on the speed sensor.
The Yellow Box provides a corrected speed signal to the speedo and ECM
that can be used to adjust or remove the top speed limiting.

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