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Our privacy policy

What information do we collect - and why?
We only collect enough information to process your order successfully and efficiently.
When you place your order via internet, email, fax or phone you will be asked to provide;

  • Your name and shipping address - for delivery.
  • Your credit card number and expiry date - for payment of product.
  • Vehicle specific details - to ensure we send the correct product.
  • Your email address - to notify that your order is received and when shipped.

    What happens to your information afterwards?
    We do keep a record of your order for some time. This is a legal banking requirement
    if the bank needs to confirm your payment at a later date. All customer information
    is securely stored. Customer archives are only used by executive management to
    confirm order details, and sometimes to process future orders at your request.

    Do we give away your information?
    No! We never have and we never will. Your information will not be distributed
    or sold to any party.

    Any questions please email us.

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