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Frequently Asked Questions

Plug-n-play Yellow Box for my bike?
We stock plug-n-play harness for most motorcycle models; Honda, Suzuki,
Yamaha, Kawasaki, MV Augusta, Triumph. Plug-n-play harness for my bike.
Custom harness for Harley Davidson models may take 1-4 weeks.

Is the Yellow Box compatible with my car/truck/bike?
We make versions of the Yellow Box to suit almost every bike and car
that has an electrical speed sensor. Mechanical, bowden cable-driven
speedos (rotary cable) will not work with the Yellow Box. Compatible?

I changed sprockets on my bike, now my speedo reads incorrect.
This is a common application, the Yellow Box will fix it.

I changed diff ratios/wheels on my car/truck, now my speedo is out.
Also a common application for which the Yellow Box will correct.
You can adjust the speed correction easily at any time.
These are common applications, the Yellow Box will fix it.

How do I correct my vehicle's speedo error?
Easy. Set the Yellow Box switches to correct for your total speedo error.

How do I determine my vehicle's total speedometer error?
Easiest is to compare your speedo reading to GPS speed reading when
travelling at steady speed. Note both speedo reading and GPS speed reading
and use formula provided in instructions to determine your total speedo error.

Does the Yellow Box stay on my bike/car?
Yes. The Yellow Box provides real-time speedo correction and remains
connected to the vehicle.

How do I install the Yellow Box?
Installation is fairly easy with a simple 4 wire splice harness or plug-n-play
connection. Most people do the installation themselves.

I changed my Hayabusa faceplate (dial) from 180mph to 220mph.
A faceplate change adds a 13% speedo error to the speedo. The YB
corrects for the faceplate speedo error. Another option is to install a
YB to de-restrict or adjust the top speed limiting on Hayabusas for racing.

Will the Yellow Box remove speed limiting on my Kawasaki ZX-12?
Yes. The speed limiting on the ZX-12 is based on the speed sensor.
The Yellow Box provides a corrected speed signal to the speedo and ECM
that can be used to adjust or remove the top speed limiting.

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