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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Yellow Box Speedo Recalibrator stay on my bike/car/4WD?
Yes, the Yellow Box provides real-time speedo correction and remains connected to the vehicle.

Is the Yellow Box compatible with my bike/car/4WD?
Compatibility is determined by the speed signal waveform. The latest model Yellow Box YBX
features inbuilt compatibility for almost every bike, car and 4WD with a standard electrical speedo.
The YBX enables switch 1 selection to change it's output signal waveform to suit either a square
wave digitial pulse such as from a reed switch or a 3-wire Hall-effect sensor, or switched to match
the AC sinewave pulse of a 2-wire inductive coil sensor. DataBUS sensor systems, 24v powered
speedo systems and mechanical style bowden cable-driven speedos are not compatible.

How do I install the Yellow Box?
Installation is fairly quick and reasonaby easy with a simple 4 wire splice harness or plug-n-play
connection. Most users do the installation themselves with only limited experience. However, if
you feel uncertain please consult an experienced friend or your local workshop or auto electrician.

Do I need to get a Plug-n-play Harness?
Most users prefer a plug-n-play harness for ease and speed of installation. Plug-n-play harness
sets are available for many models of motorcycles, cars and 4WDs. Offering fastest installation by
unplugging the existing 3-pin plug set coupler at the VSS/output speed sensor and connecting here.

Is a Yellow Box with Plug-n-play Harness available for my bike/car/4WD?
Plug-n-play harness sets are in stock for many popular motorcycle models from brands; Honda, Suzuki,
Yamaha, Kawasaki, MV Augusta, Triumph, Ducati, Cagiva, Can-Am and Harley Davidson. Also in stock
are plug-n-play harness sets for some popular cars and 4WD models from brands; Jeep, Honda, Lexus,
Toyota, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. Is there a Plug-n-play harness for my bike?

How do I determine my vehicle's total speedometer error?
The easiest method is to compare your vehicle speed reading to GPS speed reading when travelling
at a steady speed. Write down both the speedo reading and the GPS speed reading at that steady
speed and use the formula provided in the instructions to determine your total speedo error.

How do I set the switches to correct my total speedo error?
Easy, first determine your total speedo error ratio (as above) then set the Yellow Box switches to this ratio.
Your new Yellow Box YBX features 10 dip switches with 9 switches (positions 2 to 10) used to set your
desired speedo corrrection setting and switch 1 dedicated only to selecting the type of signal pulse output.

Does it matter where I set switch 1 on my new Yellow Box YBX?
Yes, it is critical to set switch 1 to the correct signal pulse waveform required/expected/needed by your
your vehicle's speedo. Setting the YBX switch 1 to ON (up) selects a square wave digitial pulse that will
match the output from a reed switch sensor or the output from a 3-wire Hall-effect sensor. Setting your
YBX switch 1 to OFF (down) will match the AC sinewave signal pulse of a 2-wire inductive coil sensor.
Please note if you are uncertain which type of speed sensor is used in your vehicle, try setting to ON (up) first.

I changed sprockets on my bike, now my speedo reads incorrect.
This is a common application, the Yellow Box will correct for this.

I changed diff ratios/wheels on my car/truck, now my speedo is out.
These are common applications, the Yellow Box will correct for all these speedo errors.

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