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Latest model Yellow Box YBX Speedo Recalibrator

New product for October 2021
In 1999 we created the worlds first digital speedometer recalibrator!
Over the last 22 years we have continually improved our product...
and now we are proud to release our most technologically advanced recalibrator;

  Yellow Box YBX features

Yellow Box YBX features
  • Fully compatible with standard speedo systems (Hall-effect, reed switch, inductive coil sensor systems)
  • Powerful new 32bit microchip gives precision correction
  • Instant response with no speedo lag
  • Switch adjustment for instant "set and forget" convenience
  • Dedicated speed sensor green indicator light
  • Dedicated red light confirms the switch settings
  • Instant switch selection of output signal type
  • Micropower device - can be powered directly from vehicle speed sensor
  • Can correct speedometer, or tachometer
  • Super-tough yellow molded plastic body
  • Tiny lightweight design
  • Still has our famous 10 year replacement warranty

    10 Year Warranty
    Like all previous Yellow Box versions, this is a high quality product produced
    in Australia by craftsmen. We are proud of our quality control and extensive
    testing during manufacture and we back this up with our 10 Year Warranty.

      Every Yellow Box has a 10 Year Warranty

    If your Yellow Box fails within 10 years of purchasing we will replace it
    with a new product. You pay the postage to us, we pay the return postage.

    Speedo correction
    The Yellow Box unit is installed permanently in the vehicle and performs real-time
    correction of the speedometer signal.

      How a speedometer works

    The Yellow Box receives electrical pulses from the vehicle speed sensor.
    The high-speed microcontroller (tiny computer) inside the Yellow Box uses
    our proprietary software to precisely correct the signal pulses in real time.

      How the Yellow Box works

    With only 4 wires the Yellow Box is a fairly simple installation. Plug-n-play harnesses
    are available for many motorcycles, older 4WDs, and some sportscars, but in other
    models you will need to splice the Yellow Box into the speedo sensor wiring and
    provide +12volt (or +5volt) power and ground.

    NOTE! The Yellow Box has been very carefully tested before it leaves
    our factory and is guaranteed to be working. Installation in the vehicle
    requires a certain amount of expertise so please consider using an auto
    electrician if you think you may have trouble installing it.

    We can only provide a small amount of tech support time per customer,
    so please check your installation carefully! Many vehicle forums have
    Yellow Box installation guides available.

    Yellow Box YBX - General installation guides;

    Yellow Box - YBX 2023 Instructions.pdf

    Using the Yellow Box YBX     Yellow Box - YBX 2023 Instructions
    Installing the Yellow Box YBX     Yellow Box - General Splice Installation
    Yellow Box Harness wire colours     Yellow Box - Splice Harness wire colours
    Install Diagram for "2-wire" sensors     Diagram for "2-wire" inductive coil sensors

  • Power supply DC voltage; 5v to 14.5v (12v automotive)
  • Power supply current; Typically under 4 mA
  • Input signal; 2v to 20v DC squarewave, (or) 2v to 30v AC sinewave
  • Output signal; square / sine (switch selectable)
  • Freq range; 1Hz to 6000Hz (all standard speedo and tacho types)
  • Minimum correction ratio; 1:10
  • Maximum correction ratio; 10:1
  • Physical size; approx 58 x 43 x 18 mm (2.25 x 1.7 x 0.7 inch)
  • Weight; 27 g (1 oz)

    Yellow Box YBX with Splice Harness - price $139.95 USD
    Yellow Box YBX with Plug-n-play Harness - price $169.90 USD

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